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How to get ready to live your dream as a happy expat in Italy
By Carolyn McKenzie
A short and by no means conclusive guide to preparing for your move to live in Italy,
settling in and living happily as a well-integrated expat.

Italy appeals to us for so many reasons: from art and architecture to food and films and from clothes and cars to wine and winter skiing holidays. We all hold dear at least one corner of this so magnificent and varied country. While on holiday in Italy or at home watching a travel documentary have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be marvelous if I could live in Italy and really get to know the people and the country.”? Is your answer is an intrepid Yes! ? Then “How to get ready to live your dream as a happy expat in Italy” is for you.

This ebook is a very slightly revised version of “How to prepare for living your dream as a happy expat in Italy” published in November 2012.

You will find this book interesting whether you have been lucky enough to be transferred to Italy for work or whether you are adventurously setting out to do it, come what may. New Zealander Carolyn McKenzie has lived in various regions of Italy over the last 35 years, from a small coastal town in Calabria to a market town in Piemonte’s wine-growing heart to another coastal town, this time on the Riviera in western Liguria. With each move she has had to restart her life and find her own niche. In a country where there are great regional contrasts, each move would have been like venturing into a whole new world had it not been for the unfailing kindness and generosity of the Italian people and fellow expats that she has encountered.
In “How to get ready to live your dream as a happy expat in Italy” Carolyn guides her reader with practical advice in how to prepare for their move to Italy in such a way that when they actually arrive, the impact of cultural shock is somewhat lessened.
Once the reader reaches Italy, Carolyn’s suggestions of how to fit in provide plenty of ideas and helpful hints that will make those first few weeks so much easier in a new country. Carolyn deals with the contrast between that idyllic spot you spent your brief summer holiday in and the reality of living there all year round, and with the importance, providing you hope one day to feel like a local, of finding a balance between making friends with fellow expats and with Italians. Learning the language and a willingness to take part are important keys to making that transition from raw newcomer to honorary local. “How to get ready to live your dream as a happy expat in Italy” provides you will a wealth of hints on how to approach the language and how to participate in neighborhood activities. Tips on how to spell your name in the Italian alphabet and lots of encouragement in how to overcome your initial, and natural, trepidation make this an invaluable read if you are planning on living your dream to the full in Italy. Carolyn is behind you every step of the way, to the extent that you may even contact her once you have bought the book. And while her knowledge of Italy means that this book centers around expat life there, many of Carolyn’s suggestions can be just as easily adapted to suit someone moving anywhere in the world or even to another part of their own country. Carolyn McKenzie is the author of “Portraits of the Riviera”, published by Penguin.
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